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Hosting and Data Center Services

Do you want to quickly and efficiently grow your business? StaffTechs' data center and hosting services will increase your flexibility through infrastructure on demand services, and provide high availability, scalability and capacity for your business. Do you have your own physical servers? We can help. Our colocation services provides a clean, controlled and secure environment providing redundancy of power, HVAC, and Internet. In turn, this will increase your hardware lifespan and ultimately reduce your IT overhead expenditures.

Service Advantage End Result
Hosting Services
  • Virtual Platforms
    • VMware
    • Hyper-V
  • Website Hosting
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Increase flexibility through infrastructure on demand

High availability, scalability and capacity

Cost savings on IT overhead, capital expenditures, and facility expenses

Data Center Services
  • Colocation (colo) of Physical Servers

Clean, controlled and secure environment

Power, HVAC, and Internet redundancy

Increase hardware lifespan

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